Fantastic Troop

It was a great privilege to do an appearance for Parnell Library, there were many happy children about and many photos that were taken. It was great to meet up with a Rebel Pilot who will soon be joining the ranks formally for both the Rebel and 501st Legion.

I will add some photos up as they become available and the relevant permissions sought.

It was a good warm up troop for the 3 day endurance trooping which is Armageddon, it is coming along in just over a month and are very excited, I have had the joy of doing 2 Armageddon’s this year, Hamilton, and Wellington so it will be a great way to end the Armageddon year by doing Auckland which is the biggest of all the Armageddon events.

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Next Troop

Come along for some good fun, will be good trooping practice for Armageddon and SCCP events October and December! Look forward to seeing you there.


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Still around!

Been a while since I’ve posted anything and my apologies for that. I plan to do a post this weekend to round off the past few months and include a few snaps from a little photo shoot I did when I was out in the country. A lot to talk about my trip to Hamilton and Wellington for Armageddon and where I plan to go to for my next costume build.

Expect the post very soon!

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May the 4th be with you!

Not sure how to start this off…

It was my first troop for the year which was a good way to start it off but it is already May and with being over a third of the way through the year, why wasn’t there another troop sooner? That is really something for us up in Auckland to really sort out and be more engaging such as other cities hosting 501st legion members in New Zealand.

So back to the troop, the day was a 3 in 1 event, Celebrating the Grand opening of Arkham City Comics , International Free Comic Book Day and May the 4th or Star Wars Day. So with the trinity of events to start it off the year was a great experience. I got to field test improvements to my scout and as you can see below, it has far improvement in its look and photo quality.


Of course looking at my costume I see areas where I want to upgrade/replace/etc but where it stands it now is far superior then when I debuted in 2011. The event was great, 3 other Star Wars costumers appeared, which was a great sight and really cemented our presence at the event. We had a lot of fun with friends in other organisations and of course the children are what make all this effort worth it. We were all there in good spirits supporting Arkham City Comics as they venture into the world of business. The staff as always were very enjoyable interacting with customers and onlookers alike and with ‘Warden’ Jeremy at the helm madness was ensured, but in good fun.


There were some children who were scared of me, but maybe they have not yet been introduced to the world of Star Wars and hopefully for their sake that will change. What I took most from the day is that you always should have fun with the public, yes there are those who are not interested at all with you but by being a vibrant person, posing for photos with children and adults alike, hi fives for small children, and even the occasional hug with long life fans, it really does help make the situation so much better. It does show others that while the characters we based our costumes off were bad guys in the films, we in the 501st Legion are here to help make children and adults smile and enjoy themselves.

I may update at my leisure as new thoughts come to mind. I cannot wait until May the 4th next year and as well Free Comic book day, two troops which make this job all the more worth it.

Until next time,

-TB 6277

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Bucket update

Decals for my bucket arrived in the mail, haven’t received the new fishhook to go onto it but as you can see from these pictures below, you can see the remarkable difference they make and are a lot more darker in terms of the grey of the decals to the very white/grey I had before. Just something small which makes all the difference on making the bucket stand out more in photos and all its little features building to the wider image of a Biker Scout.



Simply click on the image to bring it to its full size, there are still a few areas of improvement and general tidyup to go, I do like some of the ‘dings’ I have received from general trooping as it has quite a few black marks in places which does add to its own sort of weathering instead of being too white and shiny, that is for the stormies to look all posh.

Once I get the new fishhook (could had used the one provided with the new decals, but was sold on the fast his was more accurate) I will update this particular post and show you a before/after picture showing the noticeable difference it will make.

Trooping on May the 4th which will be my first for the year, been a long time coming but looking forward to it.

Until my next update, have a great week!

-TB 6277

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Quick update

It has been sometime since posted something,

So here is a progress update on my Scout.

Flak vest – Ordered and paid for, should hopefully get within the next 3 months depending on shipping.
Decals – Ordered better looking and defined decals to make my bucket more defined.
Shoulder joins – got surplus material to make a credible join between the front and back Armour to appear as a single piece.

That’s it for now, have a few troops coming up so will have something to write about, and will add some pictures up as I get new stuff in.

See you all around.


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It begins….

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